aqua Credit Cards for Rebuilding Credit

Credit cards from aqua are designed to help people build their credit history from the ground up. When used responsibly, they provide a strong source of credit with many different features and benefits that cater specifically for people who want to take control of their credit score and have financial freedom for the future.
There are many people who have bad credit ratings or no credit rating whatsoever, and those in this position naturally find it difficult to be accepted for credit cards and loans. This includes people who are self-employed or are on low income, or anyone who has gone through financial trouble in the past, including people with CCJs.

How do aqua Credit Cards Work?
An aqua credit card is very similar to what you would expect from any standard online credit card from any other financial provider. You can use it to make payments, transfer balances or withdraw cash from ATMs. An Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will apply to all transactions, and depending on the balance, there will be a certain minimum amount to pay back each month. A credit limit, which may not be exceeded, will apply and the minimum monthly payment must be met.
Financial Options with aqua
With the aqua Advance MasterCard Credit Card, you will receive an initial APR starting from 34.9 per cent for purchases and balance transfers. If you stick to the terms and conditions, the APR will reduce by 5 per cent each year for three years, potentially dropping as low as 19.9 per cent, which is a very competitive rate. There are also no fees for when you make transactions outside of the UK.
The aqua Classic MasterCard Credit Card comes with an APR of 32.9 per cent, which is the lowest initial rate of interest of any aqua credit card. This is a simple and sensible credit option with competitive terms and no annual fee.
You can make an aqua credit card application online. The 3-step credit card application process is fast and gives you a decision very quickly once you have entered your personal details.

Credit Card Management Benefits
The last thing anyone building a credit history wants is to fall into further debt, and this is why aqua offer many card management features and services. Text reminders are sent to you near the time of your next payment so you never forget, and the secure online account management service lets you manage your card from any device with an internet connection.
A significant benefit is free unlimited access to your credit report. Once you receive your credit card, you will be contacted via email with details so you can register for a free account. With this account, you will be able to see your credit report whenever you need to, which will be updated by the major credit reference agencies like Experian and Equifax each month.