Locally Owned Candle Company is Vital to Ohio Town

candle-335965_1280The Candle-Lite Company is a 175 year old candle making company that is vital to the survival of one small town in Ohio.

Leesburg, Ohio, is a rural farming community of just 1,300 people. In its midst is the Candle-Lite Company’s 900,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, warehouse and distribution center.

Candle-Lite makes 250 million candles in Leesburg every year. It supplies them to over 40 national retailers, including Wal-Mart (WMT), Kroger (KR)and Walgreens (WBA).

More importantly, the 175-year-old business employs 600 people.

“Many of our employees have spent their entire careers at Candle-Lite,” said CEO Calvin Johnston. “[Some] employees have second or third generation family members working by their side.”

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Photo courtesy of: Snapographic_com